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We are here to broaden the focus of life searching for happiness as a twosome, threesome, or a foursome. We are here to succumb to the pleasures, discover our intimacy, and share our secrets with someone besides our permanent partner. Let’s take life by the horns as if every day was our last. Lets use minds and bodies and juices. Enter a new lifestyle.

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What is the Swinging Lifestyle about

Swinging is the lifestyle you chose. In traditional society, we’re different, marked, even. Why? Because we have chosen a different kind of relationship than is ordinary. The route on which the trust, honesty and longevity of our lives together has more quality and positivity, and what most disbelieve is, we are happy people. Our lives are full.

In our bed, we have the person we love and cherish. The person we share everything many people only dream about with. Our environment made from our families, friends, business associates, for the most part, would judge our lifestyle. Hypocrisy we are surrounded by most of the time gets us to take swinging a step further. The decision what to do in our personal life is ours, or better said, a decision of a couple, and it doesn't harm our families and friends.

Swinging, we excite each other by watching and, eventually, having sex with a different partner, because we’re “in this together”.

In the focus of our lives, this is the golden link of an unbreakable relationship. We reveal ourselves to each other slowly.

If you’re new at swinging, choose the soft type. What does that mean? Watching another couple without swapping partners. Be soft swingers until your body and mind “make” you do more.

Some couples stay soft swingers forever while others try the hard swinging straight away because they feel it's right!

Changing and swapping partners, same bed or separate rooms, it's your decision. Don't hurry, give yourself a chance. Sometimes our senses are more sensitive when our partner is not with us. It's enough to hear each other without seeing each other. Reliving the separation moments is sometimes especially exciting the next day and night, in the privacy of your own room. You can talk and get excited by the lived experiences and that's the point of it all because you decided to take this step together and it made your lives juicier and sweeter.

The main rule of swinging is that NO is law, without offence or hurt feelings. The only way to become the worthy player of this sweet game is to respect its rules. Yes, swinging is a game in which we explore each other and ourselves. We would like to especially point out that this lifestyle is a revelation to women. It allows them to research all the aspects of her sexuality in a safe an comfortable environment along with her partner. The modern, secure woman doesn't start swinging for her partner but for herself and her pleasure.

People taking part in this lifestyle are usually organized, educated, family people, and as such are the ideal model of the modern community. They exchange their experiences with likeminded people by conversing. They don't like being centre of attention, actually, it's in everyone's interest to keep their swinging identity private and discrete.

In most cases, men are the initiators of the swinging lifestyle. A good and stabile relationship feels the exchange of partners as a refreshment. Partners get a new connection and their relationship a higher level.

As we take care of our bodies, we should also take care of our emotions. Entering this world, we need to keep in mind that jealousy may eventually appear. That problem can be solved by honest conversation between partners and makeup sex. Don't erase your profile because of one uncomfortable night. Don't give up straight away. Going from soft swinging to a deeper kind, you get to exchange partners. Those situations are extremely exiting. Scheduled sex can hardly ever be spontaneous. Sometimes one of the partners might not like their new partner and that might make them feel like they have to do something they don't want to do. Listen to yourself and don't make yourself do anything.

Sometimes it happens that you spend a swinging hangout solely with your partner. That's not a wasted night or a bad hangout, it's just how you decided to spend the night. Some couples you like more, some you like less, that's why you’re allowed to choose. In swinging company, you’ll make lifelong friendships. You’ll meet new people you have shared interests with. You’ll just “click”. Entering a new circle, you’ll wish to become a part of it. With time, you’ll start feeling comfortable and safe with those people. At swinging hangouts, you’ll broaden your horizons. You’ll meet the couples intimately. Your lives will inevitably start intertwining and it won't stay solely on sex. Swinger hangouts aren't just orgies and sex, they’re also full of great fun, laughter and entertainment.

Let yourself feel the pleasure. Feed your curiosity and join Forbidden Fruit, the meeting place for swingers..


You’re tired from going to countless coffee dates where the couples don't fill your expectations. Your coming to the first swing party is a big joint decision. On our page, you can occasionally see advertisement for organized swing parties.

There are different kinds of parties

Swinging party meet and greet, private party with just a few couples, large party with 30-100 couples, weekend party, travel party...


Is usually a large party with around 100 or more couples usually organized at a coffee shop, disco club, or a swinger club. At such a large party, you have the chance to meet local and regional swinging couples all in one place. Usually along with great entertainment and fun. Meet and greet party literally means dancing, drinks, and fun, and later, if you and someone ‘click’, moving to a better place. Organizers make sure that couples have playrooms available for socializing. You’ll have fun in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that will enable the couples to communicate easier.


Is a party with only a few couples. The decision of going to this kind of party is usually governed by the fact that you either know the organizer or a couple already attending the party. The difference between a private party and a meet and greet party is great. Couples come to actually swing at a private party. A good host and organizer of the party is a crucial link of the party. They are the ones responsible for creating a pleasant atmosphere, talking to all the couples, taking special care of new couples. If you decide to organize a party, do regard it as a serious task.


Is usually organized by a swinging page or other organization. The arrival to the party day is Friday and the end of the party is Sunday. Usually, Friday and Saturday nights are the nights of theme parties so the fun is excellent. The guests are usually situated at the same hotel, apartment complex, or villas. You can hang out in a relaxed atmosphere, together or separately, in your rooms. The days are also well planned, meaning there could be tours of the area, pool or boat hangouts, visitations to wineries and wine tastings organized, as well as general tours of local attractions. Swinging weekends, besides relaxation, afford very active swinger hangouts.


Are organized up to a year or several months in advance. They’re usually cruises or summer or winter vacations. They usually last from 3 to 7 days. You are guaranteed fun along with excellent organization, and swinger couples from all over the world.


When organized well, affords you the possibility of meeting new people as well as hanging out with long term local swinger couples. The space, food, drinks, and fun are on a high level, and the swinging fun starts quickly. If you’re new to the swinger lifestyle, going to a large party might be a good idea. You’ll meet many couples and probably become a part of some swinging combination.

Entering the world of swinging, you’ll meet different couples. Your life will gain a new dimension. By going to the parties, you’ll run into couples you already know, as well as meet some new ones. You’ll make friends and connections with likeminded people from all over the world. The time you spend in swinger company will become comfortable, enjoyable, and priceless because you’re doing what you want and love.

What is needed to organize a good swing party?

A good host must make sure that the space the party is held in has everything for that type of event. The space needs to be clean and neat, and have intimate lighting, easy on the eyes. A welcoming drink and pleasant music are encouraged. Couples like going to well organized parties with quality hosts. Make sure to get to know your guests and take special care of any new couples. If you are a couple new to the scene at a private party, let the other couples approach you. You might not find every couple interesting but you can feel free to have fun. You make all the decisions yourself. At most of the smaller swinging parties, the couples already know each other so the swinging fun is guaranteed.

It's on you to relax and have fun. Join Forbidden Fruit. Connect with couples, look for the next hot party or choose your next holiday.

The photos presented are symbolic.


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Connect with couples, look for the next hot party or choose your next holiday.
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